How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Venue Tour (and what to expect!)

Choosing the venue for your wedding is typically the first piece of the wedding planning puzzle. This is because location and timing will set the stage for the overall aesthetics and other important day-of details. You’ve already spent hours looking at photos and narrowing down your venue options. While it’s always exciting to imagine yourself getting married, there’s no substitute for the multi-sensory experience of visiting your dream wedding venue in person. We’re here to guide you through how to make the most of your wedding venue tour and give you a sneak peek at what to expect from a personalized tour at The Pavilion at Carriage Farm.

Planning makes a perfect wedding venue tour

We always recommend a few easy preparations that will ensure a successful tour:

  • Be sure to make your appointment in advance and allow plenty of time to meet with our expert on-site coordinator (an hour is usually good). 
  • Bring a list of questions along with you! We will cover a lot of ground (and important information) during the tour and it’s easy to get swept away. Having a list can keep you focused!
  • It’s best to have a wedding season in mind; not necessarily a specific date just yet. Many venues book at least a year in advance, so it’s helpful to have a couple of dates to choose from.
Raleigh Venue Tour - Pavilion at Carriage Farm
Photo courtesy: Luxe and Pine Photography

Having preliminary discussions with your partner can make comparing venue options easier and lead you towards making the best possible decision! If you need help getting those conversations started, we recommend reading “Choosing a Wedding Venue.”

At The Pavilion at Carriage Farm, we’ll begin our walk-through of the entire venue with a ‘sit down’ to talk about your unique wedding vision. This allows us to get to know more about you as a couple and what matters most to you. Plan to cover topics like your estimated guest count, space planning goals, overall budget, and availability.

Things to consider during your wedding venue tour:

  • The guest experience – cleanliness, functionality and modern conveniences like temperature control and ample lighting.  Don’t overlook the kitchen workspace too!  Our spacious, caterer friendly kitchen is both accessible and discreetly designed to make dinnertime taste-full!
  • Welcoming, knowledgeable staff – can you see yourself working closely with the wedding planning team? Will someone be available during critical times the day-of, to help with on-site logistics? Trust your intuition, you already know when someone “just feels right”! You’ll discover our tiered in-house venue coordination packages give you complete freedom and access to the right level of planning for you, ensuring a stress-less and party-perfect wedding day!
  • Inclement weather options. If it rains on your wedding day, are you happy with Plan B? At The Pavilion at Carriage Farm, our stunning all-weather ceremony space, is wrapped in expansive windows and centered on our stately stone, wood burning fireplace. It’s timeless beauty and natural warmth make indoor ceremonies remarkably romantic.
  • Can you two really picture yourselves getting married here? Is the space warm, inviting and giving you all the feels?

During your tour, you will be soaking in a lot of important information and feeling lots of big emotions, so we encourage you to take photos throughout your visit! Having a collection of photos will make it easier to review details later – plus you can always share your sneak peek with those closest to you, especially if they’re involved in the decision making.

Questions to Ask:

  • What is the overall level of privacy you can expect? Is there room to walk around the property, ample space to take romantic photos? Here at The Pavilion at Carriage Farm, our couples have exclusive access to acres of incredible rustic scenery making for gorgeous photos!
  • What are the hours the venue is available to you?
  • Does the venue have an exclusive vendor list for things like catering, floral and music?
  • Can you include your beloved pet(s) in your ceremony? Our answer is always “Yes”! We adore seeing couples include their dogs and we’ve even had a goat make a special guest appearance! 
  • Are there dressing rooms on-site for both the bridal party and groomsmen? Both “getting ready” suites at The Pavilion at Carriage Farm are tucked away, beautifully laid-out and include uncommon touches like make-up stations, bountiful natural light, beverage coolers and even a TV for the guys.
  • Last but not least, don’t overlook the most basic questions like are there enough bathrooms, and plenty of accessible parking for your guests, is the location easy to find?
Photo courtesy: Heidi Bee Photography

What Can You Expect During a Wedding Venue Tour at The Pavilion at Carriage Farm?

At The Pavilion at Carriage Farm, our spectacular, modern farm-venue is located only minutes from mid-town Raleigh making it convenient while still holding onto that elusive, rustic charm and character.  During a walk-through, expect to see our gorgeous (and private) ceremony site locations, our all-weather reception area and several other carefully thought-out spaces throughout the property that naturally set our venue apart. Our tours are completely free, offered seven days a week and there’s no obligation to book. You can expect to leave with loads of resources, clear pricing and the upmost confidence in the experience of our team of wedding professionals.

Call (919)621-2648 to schedule YOUR private tour of Pavilion at Carriage Farm and book your dream wedding today!