Make the Most of Your Wedding Bouquet Toss

Amid the joy and celebration of a wedding, few moments are as iconic and eagerly anticipated as the wedding bouquet toss! This centuries-old custom traces its roots back to ancient bridal bouquets. These were made of fragrant herbs and spices designed to protect the bride, boost fertility, and bring good fortune.

Today, this playful and sometimes highly competitive moment at weddings has evolved into a fun and lighthearted tradition. Symbolizing good luck and happiness, the bride is passing on blessings to her single friends.

Tips for Planning the Best Wedding Bouquet Toss

Traditionally, brides choose to host the bouquet toss after the cake has been cut, during a late-break in the dancing or towards the end of the evening. To build anticipation and energy, your DJ will help gather All The Single Ladies to the dance floor with a perfectly paired party song.  We checked in with Randy at Bunn DJ Company in Raleigh for the most popular music for this moment.

Here is his list of The Top 5 most requested bouquet toss tunes of 2023:

  1. Single Ladies – Beyonce
  2. Man, I Feel Like a Woman – Shania Twain
  3. Dear Future Husband – Megan Trainor
  4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
  5. Wanna Be – Spice Girls

Does Randy have any advice for couples planning their toss? “Watch out for low hanging chandeliers!” Thankfully, the four dazzling chandeliers perched 30 feet up among the Pavilion at Carriage Farm’s wood beams are well out of reach.

Photo courtesy: Autumn Harrison Photography

Don’t Want to Toss Your Bouquet?

Perhaps you love the idea of the bouquet toss but are worried about tossing your actual wedding day bouquet? We have an easy-fix! Simply talk with your florist in advance about crafting a separate bouquet, a smaller version of your main bouquet – designed specifically for tossing!

This way, both you and the lucky winner of the toss get to hold onto your precious memories and your special keepsakes.

Consider using artificial flowers in your toss bouquet, even if your bridal bouquet is real. This is a tradition that can get rowdy and fake flowers stand up better in the long run.” ~ Expressions of Love Florist

Tossing the Tradition

Some guest groups simply don’t lend themselves well to the bouquet toss.  Maybe your friends are mostly-married or you feel uncomfortable singling out your single friends.  Instead, use this unique opportunity to recognize a special friend or inspiring person in your life, with a few heartfelt words and a giftable-size bouquet to honor their impact.

Which leads us to this: wedding traditions and inspiration change over time. As a couple, you should feel free to create your own unique celebration. If the bouquet toss feels too traditional for you, there’s a wide range of new interactive reception trends emerging. Some to consider are: the anniversary dance, group line dance lessons, candy tosses, fun yard games (think cornhole or ping pong), photographic treasure hunts and even audio guestbooks! Remember to make this day as wildly unexpected and special as you are!

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