Head Table or Sweetheart Table: Your Best Choice for Wedding Reception Seating

Your big day is getting close and many items in your wedding venue ‘to-do list’ are checked off. Your wedding coordinator has asked if you and your finance have made the final table choice — between a head table vs sweetheart table. Yes, how you choose to arrange your place as NEWLEYWEDS at your reception is important!

Before you panic, we have all the details you need to make this decision, including what the difference between the two is, the pros and cons of each, and examples shared by some of our fabulous couples at Pavilion at Carriage Farm. Let’s look closer at your options.

The Head Table

The head table is a traditional seating arrangement. Typically, this larger table includes the newlyweds, their wedding party, and/or their immediate family. It can be placed at the front of the wedding reception space or immersed in the table grouping.

What are the positives of the head table vs sweetheart table? In this space you and your betrothed are surrounded by loved ones. Many couples use this space to honor the special people in their lives, such as grandparents, siblings, or childhood friends. This closeness allows the couple to be immersed in guest experience.

Here are two beautiful examples of how a head table can be arranged:

Head Table #1: Erin & Robert’s Wedding Vendors: Sweet SaraBelle Weddings; Megan Kerns Photography; CE Rentals; Nothing Bundt Cakes; Unforgettable Food Affairs; DJKJB-Keair; WINK

Head Table #2: Divya & KP’s Wedding Vendors: Magnolia Grove Weddings & Events;  Autumn Harrison Photography;  Bill Hamilton Designs; Carolina Elite Events; Thoran Creations; Afterglow Creative

The Sweetheart Table

While also a timeless option for seating the bride and groom, a sweetheart table has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. A sweetheart table is a smaller table for just the newlyweds. Typically, a circular table, it is often found at the front of the reception venue space, facing the guests.

The most obvious positive of this seating arrangement is that YOU are the focal point. Many couples will use lighting, décor and florals to further highlight the position. Couples prefer to have this space because it provides a bubble of alone time to talk and catch your breath. You may find that it is easier to get up and move about the guests (this goes for the bridal party’s ability to mingle too!) Also, if most of your bridal party is married or has a ‘plus-one’, they may enjoy sitting with their significant other.

Here are two beautiful examples of how a sweetheart table can be arranged:

Sweetheart Table #1: Travis & Michelle Wedding Vendors: Alyson Jean Events;  Chelsea Morgan Photography; CE Rentals; Redneck BBQ Lab; Cookshack Catering; Expressions of Love Florist; Bewstow Bakery; The Perfect Beat; Parlor Dry Bar

When visiting your wedding reception venue, take a good look at the space. Talk to your wedding coordinator to get their take on the best choice of head table vs sweetheart table. Take into consideration where the tables will go, where your dance floor is, how the lighting may affect photography, vendor needs, and more. Review photos of other couples’ solutions. Whichever option you choose, it will be special and prefect for the beginning of the rest of your life!

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