Top 4 Things to Look for When Choosing a Bridal Suite

When visiting wedding venues, it’s uber smart to preview the available “getting ready” spaces, especially the Bridal Suite! Beautifully appointed, spacious, well-lit spaces can set the tone for your entire day and will create stunning memories (and photos) that last a lifetime. In fact, wedding photographers estimate nearly 25% of your wedding day photos take place BEFORE the wedding. These are those precious, quiet moments rich with emotion.

How does a bride know what are the most important aspects of a wedding venue bridal suite? We have your top 4 things to look for when choosing a bridal suite that will leave you breathless!

Tip #1 Choose spaces with lots of natural light.

A superbly designed space with loads of windows and natural light not only serves as a lovely backdrop for photos, but your hair & make-up artist will thank you too! Brides and bridesmaids often spend several hours together, getting ready in this room. Having tons of pretty light helps to keep everyone calm, uplifted and feeling airy. The Bridal Suite in the Pavilion at Carriage Farm is filled with abundant natural light to elevate your entire bridal experience and give you (and your wedding album) that soft, glorious glow every bride craves!

Photo courtesy: Autumn Harris Photography

Tip #2 Make sure the room is “roomy” enough.

Choosing a Bridal Suite that can accommodate a fairly large group of people, while still feeling private, can be tricky. But that’s exactly what you’re after! In addition to your bridal party and all of your dresses, you will likely have multiple vendors like a photographer (or two), a hair & make-up crew and a few special family members popping in and out throughout the day. Trust us, elbow room is invaluable! The Bridal Suite at Pavilion at Carriage Farm gives you plenty of breathing room. The layout is designed to accommodate larger groups comfortably, with cozy seating, lovingly located vignettes and a separate, stunning staircase for maximum privacy.

Tip #3 The function factor.

Even the prettiest of spaces need to work well on your wedding day! Do the spaces have access to a private bathroom? Are there mirrors hung in all the right places? Will guests accidentally catch a glimpse of you before you walk down the aisle? What about storage and security during the ceremony? You have so much to think about already, finding a venue with well-planned preparation spaces is key. At Pavilion at Carriage Farm, we’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to! Our suites are elegant and ingenious – from their private bathrooms right down to the mini-fridges. Both spaces are conveniently tucked away, yet easily accessible to the ceremony site, without having to go outside, giving you the ultimate in form and function!

Photo courtesy: Shannon Hennessey Photography

Tip #4 Don’t forget the guys!

Take time to tour the room where your groom and his groomsmen will gather ahead of the ceremony.  The guys also need a well-planned space to get dressed, take photos and just chill out together before the festivities begin. Their space should feel relaxed, roomy and be designed with a groom’s needs in mind – game day TV anyone? Our tastefully decorated Groom’s Den at Pavilion at Carriage Farm keeps the guys rounded-up and ready to roll when it’s showtime!

Above all else, your Bridal Suite should wrap you in bridal bliss; a place where you can set your cares aside and focus on the love that brought you two together. You’ll discover at the Pavilion at Carriage Farm we’ve added stunning details along with a little extra love to each of our spaces as a way to nourish the hearts of our very special couples.

Visit the Pavilion at Carriage Farm and see our private Bridal Suite and Groom’s Den for yourself! Call (919)621-2648 , to schedule a venue tour today!