5 Best Secrets for an Unforgettable Fusion Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding celebration that is uniquely your own is the ultimate aspiration of many couples. After all, it’s your day and it’s only normal to highlight all the beautiful components that are important to you (and your partner). It’s true that all weddings are unique but a fusion wedding adds an extra touch of personalization that brings together two or more cultures, religions, and traditions. These traditions are what make our work in preparing your special day so impactful. We sat down with Aneesa Glines from Harmony Weddings to discuss tips to help you achieve a balanced and memorable affair. Here are the 5 best secrets to creating an unforgettable fusion wedding reception:

Secret 1: Choose the Traditions and Customs that you want Celebrated

Identify the desired elements that you’ll both want celebrated – from the food, music, dance, flowers, and decor.
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Secret 2: Involve Family and Guests in Planning your Fusion Wedding

Consult with those closest to you and share ideas on the traditional aspects they’d be interested in seeing. Early on, it’s necessary to communicate with both sides of the family to set expectations. Maybe the Asian wedding experience you envision is different from your parent’s expectations. Or the blended Mexican/American reception menu seems daunting, so through communication, you can get input while also explaining your own desires.
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Secret 3: Select the Number of Events and Timeline

Depending on the number of guests attending and how many cultural traditions are being incorporated, fusion weddings can be multiple extravagant events spread across more than one day.

Secret 4: Pick a Venue to Accommodate your Fusion Wedding Reception

One of the most important investments you can make for your wedding is the venue – somewhere that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Fusion weddings often require adequate space, flexible booking schedules for single or multi-day events and specific catering requests. The Pavilion at Carriage Farm is well positioned to offer you the perfect backdrop. Whether it’s our breezy and open grounds, our spacious suites, or our expansive caterer’s prep kitchen – our priority is you.  Our location feels private, yet spacious and exudes robust elegance. Katie and Shivam had the perfect experience with us – read more here.
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Secret 5: Lean on an Experienced Wedding Coordinator to help you Understand how to Best Incorporate your Cultural Traditions

>Hiring a wedding planner helps you uncover details that you might otherwise miss. At the Pavilion at Carriage Farm, our exclusive wedding coordinators handle timelines, emails, day of details and keep you on budget and on track so that you don’t have to!

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